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Niagara Falls Visit
July 2017


David’s wish was to see Niagara Falls with his mom, Arlene, and caregiver, Deandre. David is a 19 year old battling a brain and spinal cord tumor, making him wheelchair-bound. David loves marine biology and anything with water - after all, he can walk in water! “Fund It & Fill It” program participants, Zift Solutions, created the wish to include a Maid of the Mist boat tour, dinner at Skylon Tower (it rotates!), and ensured David’s hotel accommodations met every need (even breakfast and evening appetizers on his floor!). David also enjoyed a visit to the aquarium and PLENTY of delicious food! We are glad David did NOT check off one item on his “bucket list:” going over the Falls in a barrel...he must have listened to Mom on that one! :)

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