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Thanksgiving Beach Retreat
November 2016


Shirley’s wish was to spend Thanksgiving at the beach with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Shirley wanted a view of the beach so she could watch her grandchildren laughing and playing. Wish Creator, Laura, found a beachfront home and catered Thanksgiving dinner. Laura also arranged a professional photographer to take pictures of the family out on the beach - priceless mementos of their time together!


We received the following note from Amber, Shirley’s daughter:


Hello, I wanted to write this email as a THANK YOU to you and every person that had a hand in making our Thanksgiving beach trip possible. We all had amazing time at the beach. The memories will stay with us forever. The photographer was great, the pictures are priceless....the Thanksgiving dinner was perfect and so was the gift basket, all while having the best view ever! We cannot begin to thank you enough. I hope that one day in the future we will be able to donate money or our time to your organization and be able to help other families make the memories that we were able to.  Unfortunately we left the beach a day early and headed straight to the hospital in Charlotte where my moms doctors were. She was admitted, then days later released to come home with me on hospice care. We held her hands as she passed away at home on December 8th. As I look back on that week I realize how sick she really was, how much pain she was in but she pushed herself to go. She wanted to see the ocean one last time, she wanted to make those memories with me and the kids, have those family photos taken. I believe that last week she knew. She knew the chemo wasn't working, that she was near the end, but that she wanted to keep pushing on for me and the kids. And without your organization and everyone that donates and volunteers their time it wouldn't have been possible. We will be forever grateful.  


Thank you so much!!


With love,

Amber Shelar, Shirley Jones' daughter

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