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Old West Excursion (Tombstone, AZ)
April 2017


Thomas’ wish was to visit Tombstone, Arizona and experience the American Old West. Thomas and his wife, Paula, spent a few days back in time touring museums, watching reenactments, and riding horses. Thomas loves stories of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and he was able to experience life as they knew it. Wish Creator Jessica made sure to cover every detail - she even made sure to include Thomas’ favorite coffee cake treats in his carry on bag!

From Thomas's wife Paula:

Tom and I have been married 40 years. He never missed a day of work unless he was sick but only in the past 2 years has he made up to $17 a hour. He's always been in construction or maintenance and just never got out of the low income bracket. I have been on disability for 2 years. He loves the western style of life and has always been a history buff and always wanted to go to Tombstone. He's a wonderful man who deserves to make it there.

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